Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gatorade killed the Chablis?

One of the greatest things you can do before you buy wine is taste it. It is good to get hooked up with some importers who sell things that fit your price range and tastes. Recently JL and I went to a tasting organized by a friend of his Dan Cook. The tasting was set up at Dan's beautiful home and included 38 wines from him and 2 other importers. It is a little hard to get through 38 wines in one night but JL and I had a plan. First, an hour hockey game to get the pre-calorie interval burn before the big taste. Than a quick Gatorade followed by a protein bar followed by 2 glasses of water. We were good to go. We quickly toured through the 16 whites, spitting as much as we swallowed. Nothing much appealed to us and we swore it was because or our pre-tasting routine. It must have ruined our palate. We marked down one white as a keeper. Than to the reds . We were lead through he most appealing 15 and then had to give up. The palate was fried. My tonge felt like I licked a velcro strip - not the soft side. Thank goodness the caterers server us tenderloin on a stick and mini burgers to keep the tannins down. We found some very affordable wines in the red section as well as an amazing Marlborough NZ pinot noir. Unfortunately that Pinot came with a price tag of dinner for 2 and a movie. $75. wow. JL and I ordered up about 3 cases of wine each and off we went for a beer and game 6 of Lakers vs Celtics to wash it all down. A very successful evening except for surely going over budget. More about my wine picks when I get them and remember what they were!! An intense calorie burning session programmed by the Fit and Busy Dad, Chris Lopez was needed the next day to combat the fun we had.
Thought of the day: Don't pound Gatorade before you hit the Chablis.

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